Alaskan Malamute Umbrella NTL Decor Kitchen Dishwasher



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Our Instant Decor Dishwasher Covers are available in two sizes: 23 W x 17 H inches; 23 W x 26 H inches.

Which fits about 90% of all dishwashers. If your dishwasher happens to be a little smaller, this material is very easy to trim using either a pair of scissors or a box cutter! Dishwasher refinishing cover is really hassle-free to install and remove; simply measure, trim to size, and stick/remove.

Do you have an old dented dishwasher that drives you crazy? Want to make it looks BRAND NEW?

Or, want to get rid of outdated/mismatched appliances and upgrade your kitchen without breaking the bank?

Look no further! Your quest stops here! Our Decor Dishwasher Cover is a perfect complement to your DIY kitchen upgrade!


Apanno Decal Cover uses a 5 step process with a high gloss top coating for protection against Heat (up to 240 degrees), Fade, Scratches, Water, Tears, and Bubble Resistant. The vinyl is removable without sticky residue. High quality and realistic look. Self-Adhesive PVC and PET Film are manufactured in an ISO 9001 Facility which provides high-quality products consistently.


These dishwasher covers hide scratches, dents, or other unsightly marks on your dishwasher. Our cover gives your outdated dishwasher a facelift with our easy to install colorful skin! With our cover decal, no harsh, offensive-smelling adhesives to deal with, and no massive prep work when sticking or removing!


This 5 Layer upgraded product is thickened again to ensure toughness, high quality, and realistic effects that will make your Kitchen Updated and Refreshed.

+ Heat resistant:


+Scratch, and Tear Resistant:

With a smooth surface that is environmentally safe, easy to remove with no sticky residue. You can do DIY splicing. Quick and economically cheap alternative to old cover.


Peel it! Stick it! Love it! Simply stick our smudge-proof and fingerprint-resistant stainless steel dishwasher panel on the front face of your dishwasher. You can use on your dishwasher as well as on the refrigerator, washing machine, dryer, and many other appliances!


Decal is waterproof and will not fade out on the Sun.No lines, waves, creases, or bubbles ever after you’ve applied the sticker.

Don’t let your Dishwasher called and said it was feeling mighty lonely again. Why not give it a few friends to play with by creating a couple of custom covers! Add your favorite image to a cover. Coat your kitchen in a color you love with our favorite paint picks.

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23 W X 17 H INCHES, 23 W X 26 H INCHES

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It was a much appreciated gift!!!

Bernese Mountain Dog jacket

Very warm. Sleeve length is good. Fits appropriately.

These look nothing like what I ordered

They are see-through, the graphics look horrible, and the quality is awful. It's one of those "what I ordered vs. what I got moments" - save your money and don't order these.

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Terry Gaasterland
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Image was not as crisp as I would of like it was pretty blurry. Customer service agent asked for a picture when I wanted to return, that's not exactly customary in America. I definitely learned my lesson and will not buy anything from happylog or any other overseas company. I would not recommend buying anything from "happy wood"

Never got the product or the refund

This company is a scam. They stole about $40 from me. And then when PayPal tried to help me, the company told them they refunded me even though they didn’t. And it’s weird that PayPal took their side because the only way they could’ve refunded me is through PayPal. $40 is a notable loss for me, but I’m very busy and don’t have time to try to get it back. But I do have time to write this review and tell everyone to NOT BUY FROM THEM DEAR GOD!

Took a long time to get here but was worth it.

Nautical lighthouse rug.

Never received my rug!! Think this was scam!!! Very disappointed in you and your custumer service. By not receiving it. I would at lease think that you would have sent me a refund!!! Review is : ABSOULUTLY TERRIBLE BUSINESS!!

springer spaniel jacket

Well made, good looking, and my wife loves it. Two months to receive the jacket is ridiculous though, especially after paying for expediated shipping. Bruce Carlson

Poor quality

Selling picture is not even close with that how the shorts really looks


We love the Christmas Door Cover! I can't wait to put it up next month!!
Awesome clear picture and fantastic quality of the material and strapping on door is very clever!

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Its not an outdoor mat, its printed to look like one

what a disappointment. Took over a month to arrive, just to be a bathmat thats printed to look like an outdoor mat. Absolute waste of money. Do not buy.

Surfboard Area Rectangle Carpet Rug


We loved the Rottweiler door cover!! I can't wait to put up the Christmas Rottie door cover we got The material is perfect and stood up through rain and splashing dirt. People walking by took double takes and I heard people saying "how cuuuute" a great product. It sure did take long to get here, but glad I was patient.

Fun gift for fellow poodle owner

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Not a quality product

didn't ship what I ordered

How am I ship something back to Viet Nam w/o paying a fortune on postage? Will not ever purchase from this company again!

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